Sanity in the Kitchen

Sanity in the Kitchen 1

Can spending time in the kitchen really contribute to making you a better person? Well, research says that yes, spending time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and preparing meals can positively affect a person’s mood.


In the modern age, with everything in life so fast-paced, finding the time to cook or prepare meals for either yourself or your family is quite hard. Even cooking itself becomes so hectic and hurried that people start investing in smart appliances to make lives more manageable, and so that they can do more important things rather than spend time in the kitchen.


However, there is something therapeutic when you start spending time in the kitchen and actually put thought into every dish or meal you prepare. Yes, simple recipes found on cookbooks and the Internet might help, but what people might have been missing all this time is some real inspiration. Turns out, spending time in the kitchen while preparing meals has several positive impacts on an individual’s psychological health.


Spending time in the kitchen is more than just cooking and preparing meals. According to experts, it really helps in honing your personality. Not only that but it also significantly contributes positive impact to your overall mental and emotional health.


In the same way, cooking also builds a sense of trust [in yourself and in other people], purpose, belonging, intimacy, and closeness; all of which are significant contributors to one’s mental health. If these things start falling apart, then it can most likely lead to depression or damage your positive wellness.


— Published on June 6, 2019 by Edwin Deponte in Thrive Global

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