Conversation with Cabinet Guy

Question: Can you design my kitchen for me?

Answer: Yes we design kitchens all the time all we need is basic measurements and where your window is in the kitchen. We prefer you come into the showroom first with your measurements so we can look at different cabinet style colors and features; double trash, pull out doors etc. It will help us identify which kitchen line is best. On our website we have 7 cabinet line to meet all your design needs and budget.

Question: Could I install my own cabinets?

Answer: Yes! Unlike some custom cabinet shops were set up to install for you, have your contractor install for you or DIY.

Question: I am a DIY and would like to know what side my door will open?

Answer: Good news they could open up anyway you want them too, typically they will open to where it is accessible in your work zone. But, because they are on order they can open either way. If you want your handle installed in any specific way they can.

Related question: Are the holes drilled for the handles?

Answer: All cabinets come without handles you have the opportunity to pic knobs or handles of your choice. if we install we can drill those holes for you.


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