Project Specs

The customer came to us via A3G Architecture who was designing a new home for their client. One of the design requirements was to utilize existing cabinetry that the customer had acquired many years ago when Home Depot switched out a display. The customer and her husband bought the old display with the intention of “someday” bringing to life in a new kitchen. Before that someday came the husband passed but the desire to fulfill the dream was even more meaningful. And we wanted to be a part of that project. A3G kitchen layout in the new home utilized most of the old cabinetry but Choice Cabinet KC has to acquire a few new cabinets including a double oven, new island and mudroom cabinetry to complete the design. Once installed by our Trade Partner, Oak Home Improvement LLC we called on the expertise of Chat at Unique Painting to paint the new and old cabinets. What you see in the pictures is the finished kitchen complete with new countertops. One of our other Trade Partners, Grandview Top Company provided the pictures for our website.