Project Specs

This compact space gives meaning to the phrases, “dynamite comes in small packages” or “a lotta bang for your buck.”    This cozy kitchen offers premium storage space.  Taking advantage of every square inch, this room is well thought out. Symmetrical balance is achieved by the arrangement of the upper and base cabinets surrounding the stove top. The weight of stainless steel is distributed throughout the room in a pleasing balanced manner, bringing balance to the kitchen.  Lighting in this room consists of natural, recessed and under cabinet lighting.  All work together in creating a stylish and functioning room. The industrial island stands in the center of this beautiful kitchen.  It is versatile and easy to move.  It can be a work station or a serving space.  The charcoal tile and stainless-steel appliances are cool to the touch.  The earth tones in the counter, floor, and weathered wood top of the kitchen island act together to bring warmth into the room.